About Kim 

Ever since I was a child back in New York I knew I was created to create. I felt that God had given me a gift and it was my responsibility to cultivate it. Creating has always been an escape for me. It gave me time to myself, time to heal. I was too young then to understand that creating art could actually promote healing. 

Eventually I achieved my degree in Advertising Design (considered the “safer” art profession) and worked in many different industries. I worked full time in the Public Affairs department of a hospital, the Marketing department of a newspaper, and had many freelance clients. I designed logos, created newsletters and brochures and used my creativity in a more tangible way. 

Even though the jobs I had as an adult had been creative in different ways, it still was not as fulfilling as creating my own art. I realized God gave me a gift to cultivate. I have trained with great professionals in the art world and continue to grow through my gift.  Whether it’s a commissioned piece or something I've created, I pray that my art brings joy to those who see it. I pray that my pieces introduce the viewer to God in all His glory; that they feel His love for them.

Creatively Yours, 


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