Weighed down by the heaviness of life....

"Image Of God"  by We Are Messengers

I woke up with a broken heart in my chest 
I couldn't sleep couldn't get no rest 
Weighed down by the heaviness of life 
And I try to shake it flipping through my phone 
But all it does is make me feel more alone 
How could anything that feels so wrong be right 

Seven billion voices separate us 
But only one can show us who we are


This first part of the lyrics explains how I've been feeling lately. My heart has been so heavy with all that's going on in the world. Fear and anxiety have Pray, Wait. Trust.kept me awake at night. I try to stay away from the news or friends' posts but like a train wreck, I just can't look away. The fighting that has been going on is so upsetting. I've let it affect me too much. We have been treating each other in ways that must break God's heart.

I was reminded recently that my hope comes from God. To feel that hope I must focus on HIM. I have to continue to pray, wait and trust that God is in control.

I was reminded in our Sunday sermon the importance of prayer. It enables us to have a thriving relationship with God.  

We Are Messengers -- "These are challenging times where we need unity, hope, empathy and love," shares lead vocalist, Darren Mulligan. " 'Image Of God' is a song to unite us, reminding us that every single person is created wonderfully in God's image, and as such are invaluable and fully worthy of our time, respect, love and honor."

When I heard this song for the first time this morning, I knew it was meant for me. 

In Psalm 8 King David wrote about his awe that a powerful God who created everything would be concerned with tiny human beings. Think about that...let it sink in. The creator of the universe cares about YOU. He cares that you're feeling overwhelmed. He cares that you're feeling afraid. 

We shouldn't hide from God for any reason. We must pray to him. If we don't, the result is fear, loneliness, a feeling of worthlessness. 

Give the song a listen! 



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