Be open to new ideas.....

October 11, 2020

My husband came in my studio and noticed a box of ceramics a neighbor was coming to pick up. He asked me why don't I cut them and use them in my art? I have no idea why I didn't think of that. I'm always looking for things to cut up and use in my glass and resin art. It just never occurred to me to use ceramics. He had to cut those pieces for me because my saw isn't large enough. I got so excited when he brought the cut pieces in and I began painting one.

My next dilemma was how to put the lighthouse on the wood cradle because the bottom was open and I didn't want people to see it. My husband looked at me and simply said "foam". I'm sure I looked very confused because I had no idea what he was talking about. He suggested using canned foam and retrieved some from his shop. He showed me how to use it and told me that when it dries I can carve it to the shape I want. What???? 

This is a whole new world! 

Well, I did as he suggested and the lighthouse art came out beautiful! I was open to his suggestions and learned something new. I look forward to making more of them!



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