Breakthrough - A healing journey

I find myself talking to people, really talking, after a painting class. Sometimes they share the trials they are going through and I wind up sharing mine. I wrote my story down in the hopes of blessing people and introducing them to hope; a hope you can only get through Jesus Christ. 

As you will see I don't have everything figured out and that's ok. I'm far from perfect and that's ok. Jesus loves me as I am and He loves you too. 

Breakthrough is available on Amazon.



I’ve read it. I love it. You said you weren’t confident in your writing, but Kim, that’s what is so special about it. I felt like I was seated with you as you shared your heart and work with me. It felt like a beautiful gallery tour with the added pleasure of the artist’s statements. ❤️ 

That’s real...genuine...and hard to find these days.

                                                --R. Moore

That was absolutely amazing and so powerful. Your story is exactly everything everyone has inside of them but chooses not to pursue. I loved it and it makes your art so much more beautiful.

                                                 --J. Manning 

The book you wrote was exactly what I needed to read at the exact moment I read it. Your art is also exactly what I need to be gazing upon. Knowing what went into it, the backstory, the woman behind the art... It just makes it so special to me and I’m not one to covet material things... 

I’ll never ever forget your heart and soul. You have left a lasting impact on me as a human, and no doubt countless others. Your art, and now your book, is truly a legacy of love and healing.

                                                    --C. Baine